Unreal Games Made Real

Oasys combines the best of public and private blockchain technologies to deliver a seamless, speedy, and zero-gas-fee blockchain gaming experience. Discover how Oasys is building a community of gamers and developers to pioneer the future of fun.

Our Mission

Blockchain for Games

Oasys is a revolutionary, decentralised blockchain video gaming platform that puts real power in gamers and developers’ hands. We’re on a journey to become the global standard for blockchain gaming and promote real value for gamers in the blockchain universe.

Oasys’ partnership with major gaming and web3 companies ensures a cutting-edge development environment, fast and secure transactions, and
in-game asset ownership and portability. We are pioneering the future of fun.


The Hub Layer

The Hub Layer is Oasys’ foundation. It has a block time of 15 seconds, like Ethereum, and can operate while connected to thousands of Verse Layers without risking network failure. It restricts heavy traffic to the Verse Layer, ensuring stability even with high transaction volumes. Optimistic rollups minimise the number of transactions posted to the Hub Layer, unlocking scalability.

The Verse Layer

We built the Verse Layer with Layer 2 technology – not a private sidechain – providing superior data availability, scalability, and transaction speed. In addition, optimistic rollups ensure that the Hub Layer reflects all Verse Layer data ensuring high network resilience.

Built for Gaming

Built for Gaming

Oasys is an EVM-compatible, proof-of-stake public blockchain that solves blockchain game developers’ most difficult challenges. The key to Oasys’ superior performance is its two-layer design. Layer 1 is the Hub Layer, which offers high network stability, endless scalability, and uninterrupted data availability. Layer 2 is the Verse Layer, where developers create their dApps.

Game Developers

Build on Oasys

Build games on Oasys’ L2 Verse Layer – an environment designed specifically for games.

Verse Builders

Create your Metaverse

Create your own verse to deploy your game or invite other game developers to join you.


Strengthen the Oasys Network

Build an Oasys Validator node, strengthen our network, and OAS.

Our Validators


OASYX is an exciting NFT initiative for the gaming community built on the Oasys blockchain.


Let's Connect

Oasys is growing fast, driven by the passion of its users. Developers and gamers are at the heart of what we do, so we’d love to hear from you. If you want to chat, learn more, or apply for developer grants, use the contact form. Alternatively, you can keep up with developments by joining our Discord or following us on Twitter.