Building the Multiverse

Oasys is a public blockchain protocol developed by gamers for gamers, supported by leading gaming companies. Our vision is the multiverse—a shared realm of digital worlds.

Oasys Architecture

The multiverse needs a multi-layered approach

Blockchain games have different requirements to decentralised finance (Defi) applications. Blockchain games require an environment that can handle high transaction volumes at high speeds and low gas fees.
However, blockchains that offer these features can become unstable at high transaction volumes.

Oasys overcomes these challenges by employing a multi-layered approach. It features two layers—the Hub Layer and the Verse Layer.


Why Oasys?

The best technology for blockchain games


Scale faster and benefit from Ethereum’s network effects.

UX for mass adoption

Instant, gas-free transactions with our innovative double-layer architecture.

Flexible Verse design

Create your Verse within our ecosystem.

Supporting tools for games

Oasys features unique tools specifically for building games on the blockchain.

Get Started with Oasys

There are many ways to get involved in the Oasys ecosystem. Deploy your game on Oasys’ L2 Verse Layer. Build your verse and deploy your own or other developers’ games. Become a validator and support the long-term sustainability of the Oasys blockchain.

Onboard games

If you want to deploy a game without building a Verse, you can contact a Verse Builder. The Oasys team can also help. Explore the Oasys Verse Builder contact list, or contact us.

Build a Verse

Create your own Verse where you can deploy your games and invite other developers to join you. Anyone who stakes one million $OAS tokens can create a Verse layer on Oasys.
Read our “Build on Oasys” guide to learn more.

Explore Developer Toolkit

Get to know Oasys’ tools—including
our versatile wallet compatibility, NFT marketplaces, dashboards, defi protocols, and more.

Our Validators