Yooldo Verse Joins Oasys with its award-winning first game Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz

SINGAPORE — 20 February 2023 — We are pleased to announce that Oasys has been selected as the blockchain of choice for the development and launch of new Oasys Layer2 — Yooldo Verse as well as its award-winning first game Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz.

Yooldo aims to build a sustainable game ecosystem featuring superb game contents, user-friendly experiences, and attractive game rewards so that users can achieve growth opportunities as a gameplayer and ecosystem contributors. The platform’s first game Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz has been recognised by industry leaders for not only the game quality, but also the inflation-free token economy and DAO-based abuser filtering system. The game has won several awards including Best Graphic in Made with Unity Korea Award 2022 (MWU Korea Award 2022) hosted by Unity Korea, Best Arts in Global Games Pitch by GDBAY in July 2022, and won first place in the Game Content Pitch Day event in Seoul hosted by Oasys and co-hosted by Arriba Studio, Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund, and doublejump Ventures.

“Yooldo has a shared vision with Oasys blockchain to create a sustainable and user-friendly blockchain game ecosystem. Our Oasys Verse release is the beginning of our milestones to implement this vision. Oasys’ game-specialized blockchain technology will enable our users to have user-friendly experiences while enjoying outstanding game contents and attractive incentives,” said Yooldo team.

Trouble Punk game plans to run a 2nd closed beta test starting from 28 February 2023 for about a week. Stay tuned for the updates from Yooldo Verse and Trouble Punk!

About Oasys

Led by a team of blockchain experts and joining forces with the biggest gaming company names to serve as the initial validators, Oasys is revolutionising the gaming industry with its EVM compatible and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based eco-friendly blockchain. With a focus on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers to distribute and develop blockchain-based games, Oasys solves the problems game developers face when building games on the blockchain. The trifecta approach of the fastest network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers, and the blockchain offering the best user experience with fast transactions and free gas fees for users, readies participants to enter the Oasys and play.

More information on Oasys is available at:
Website: https://www.oasys.games/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oasys_games
Discord: http://discord.gg/oasysgames