XPLA and Oasys Hackathon Concludes With Grand Demo Day in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea — September 5th, 2023 — Oasys has successfully wrapped up Beyond Boundaries, the web3 hackathon hosted in collaboration with XPLA, the universal content powerhouse backed by Com2uS. The grand finale of the event was the Demo Day that took place in Seoul, Gangnam on September 3 in which teams showcased their innovative concepts.

The hackathon generated significant interest with a total of 163 participants. Of these, 90 teams were formed and 15 finalists had the opportunity to shine at the Demo Day. Among them, nine teams walked away with honors, with three winners selected from each track.

The Beyond Boundaries initiative stemmed from a collective vision shared between XPLA and Oasys: to tackle complex challenges in web3 and elevate the gaming experience. The event proved a magnet for exceptional talent, attracting a plethora of novel ideas.

The winners were chosen based on the criteria of blockchain compatibility, creativity, feasibility and user impact. The judging panel included big names from XPLA, Oasys, HAECHI LABS, Yooldo, Marblex, Xangle, GroundX, KDDI, Nexon, and Hashed.

XPLA’s Paul Kim said: “The ideas brought forth at Beyond Boundaries will help in tightly integrating various mainnets, propelling the web3 industry and community forward. This hackathon brings us one step closer to realizing the boundless possibilities and future of web3.”

Oasys’ Head of Business Development, Dominic Jang said: “It was indeed a great opportunity for game companies and chain operators to meet talented builders that readily are working on critical hurdles game companies and blockchain businesses face. It’s essential to tackle the hurdles to create the paths for game companies to use the blockchain technologies when deploying games.”

Track one was themed “Integration Solution Idea/PoC between Layer 1 Nodes.” Its third-place winner, Pandora, developed a solution for obtaining desirable GameFi NFTs by combining non-fungible tokens from different L1s. Runner-up Loot Adventures used ERC6551 technology to turn Loot NFTs into pseudo-wallets, allowing players to equip any NFT or FT for dungeon exploration and PvP combat. The overall track one winner was Toppin, which used ERC-6551 to sort profile NFTs from item NFTs, making digital inventory easier to navigate.

Track two was themed “Ideas for Blockchain Coding Plugin Format (module genre: game, NFT).” The Zero Protocol Team (ZPT) finished third with their library for simplifying wallet implementation in Unity3D and HTML5 games, enabling seamless integration with React-based wallets and enhancing development speed. Second place winner Yours aimed to simplify web3 gaming by allowing NFT issuance, authentication, synthesis, and trading in one wallet UI/UX. LYNC won with its SDK for game developers to easily integrate in-game assets into Unity and Unreal Engine.

Finally, track three was themed “Ideas on Know Your Customer (KYC) UX Improvement Solution.” Third-placed ARGOS offered a consolidated digital passport linking identity with blockchain wallets, simplifying KYC processes and Travel Rule compliance. Second-placed Gameforms offered KYC authentication to customers through survey questionnaires and in-game missions, rewarding participants with tokens. The category winner Mines offered a comprehensive solution for managing accounts and wallets, allowing users to link their game accounts and perform KYC processes.

The judges reserved particular praise for projects working on use cases for ERC-6551, a standard for token bound accounts. Two of the finalists pursued this angle with the goal of enhancing interoperability between multiple chains and enhancing user experience.

About Oasys

Oasys is a blockchain-based game development platform that offers a highly scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 using Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. The ecosystem provides game developers with a secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure for creating more efficient, secure, and interoperable games. Among Oasys’ validators are leaders in gaming and Web3, such as SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, who act as initial validators in our Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain. Oasys’ expert blockchain team, combined with the biggest names in gaming, is revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Oasys solves the challenges that game developers face when building blockchain-based games by focusing on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers to distribute and develop games. The company’s trifecta approach includes a fast network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers, and a blockchain that provides the best user experience with fast transactions and zero gas fees. This approach prepares participants to enter the Oasys and play.

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XPLA is a Tendermint-based Layer 1 blockchain that serves as a hub for digital media content. Based on the idea of ‘Explore and Play,’ XPLA encompasses a wide range of digital content, including Web3 games, blockchain gaming platform, NFT marketplace, and metaverse. As a universal content powerhouse, XPLA provides a sublime creative experience for all with its significant size game infrastructure.

XPLA fosters an environment where gamers’ ownership and efforts are respected, with ‘Play to Own’ values at its core, for a sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem. Having recently onboarded top-notch IPs such as Summoners War: Chronicles, MiniGame Party, Ace Fishing: Crew, and Idle Ninja Online, XPLA is not merely progressing, but propelling ahead as a pivotal, content-driven blockchain, exhibiting an impressive spectrum of services.

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