The Rise of Oasys: Revolutionising Web3 Gaming

The digital universe is in the midst of a transformative epoch. With the emergence of Web3, the gaming sector is undergoing revolutionary shifts, setting the stage for a new era of immersive, decentralised experiences. Web3 gaming, anchored by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a paradigm shift that is redefining the very fabric of interactive entertainment.

At its core, Web3 is democratising the gaming sphere. Unlike traditional models, where power and control rest primarily with game developers or corporations, Web3 places unprecedented authority directly in players’ hands. This shift means that the value, achievements, or assets players acquire in one game can be transferred or recognised across a myriad of games within the expansive Web3 ecosystem. Such a model is a game-changer, both figuratively and literally.

To understand the meteoric rise and potential of Web3 gaming, consider this: projections suggest that Web3 will usher in anywhere from 10 million to a staggering 100 million gamers within the forthcoming year or two. Such explosive growth isn’t mere speculation. Every year, gamers spend over $100 billion on in-game items alone. If this trend continues, Web3 gaming will witness an unparalleled wave of adoption, a momentum it previously lacked.

Oasys at the Intersection of the Burgeoning Web3 Gaming Landscape and Innovative Decentralised Technology

In the dynamic world of Web3, Oasys emerges as a beacon of innovation. Designed to address the challenges of blockchain games, Oasys introduces an eco-friendly blockchain, ensuring efficient and seamless transactions for gamers and game developers.

The strength of Oasys lies in its mission to be more than just another Web3 platform, but a transformative force in the Metaverse, underpinned by sustainability and developer-focused innovation. Oasys emerged from the real-world challenges faced by game developers during the creation of the blockchain game, MyCryptoHeroes, which has since ranked No. 1 globally in transaction volume and DAO as an Ethereum-based blockchain game from 2018 to 2019. 

The Web3 gaming arena is undergoing rapid transformation with the introduction of specialized blockchains like Oasys – tailored specifically for gaming. Noticing that prevailing blockchain platforms failed to address the unique demands of mainstream games, Oasys was conceived. While the underlying technology of each Hub and Verse is straightforward, the dual-layered architecture was crafted with a singular focus: offering an unparalleled user experience for both gamers and developers, emphasising simplicity while ensuring versatility and adaptability.

The team behind Oasys brings expertise from traditional gaming as well as the blockchain sectors. Recognising that existing blockchain solutions weren’t tailored for the specific demands of popular games, a team of renowned game companies crafted the unique architecture of Oasys with the intent to be both versatile and adaptable for evolving Web3 gaming needs.

In the next stage of the Internet, digital traversing between different “Metaverses” will be as seamless as toggling between social media platforms today. Facilitating this transition, Oasys concentrates on addressing interoperability challenges between fragmented Metaverses and gaming platforms, predominantly through blockchain technology and NFTs to authenticate digital asset ownership across different chains.

What’s Next?

Oasys is positioning itself as the go-to hub for game developers with plans to offer all the tools, SDKs, digital assets, interoperability and environment they need for crafting exceptional web3 games. This includes the seamless distribution through Oasys Navi – a web directory showcasing game titles and Verses on Oasys and Oasys Passport, a user-friendly blockchain wallet optimised for blockchain gaming. Oasys Passport offers an effortless setup without the usual email and password hassles, automated transitions between multiple Verses (Layer 2 chains), and a user-centric design that deciphers Web3 jargon. This commitment to accessibility, led by double, is further amplified by upcoming features like unified NFT displays, visual representations of in-game assets, and an integrated bridge for swift access to various games across different Verses, positioning Oasys as a leading, user-friendly choice in the blockchain gaming realm.

As the Web3 gaming industry evolves and expands, Oasys has strategically aligned itself with key industry players to streamline and elevate the gaming experience. Taking a significant leap towards industry dominance, Oasys is bolstered by a series of powerful collaborations. A testament to its strategic position is a collaboration with Ubisoft that will see the gaming giant deploy their avant-garde PVP Tactical RPG, “Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles,” on Oasys Chain.

Before Ubisoft’s venture into the world of blockchain games (BCG), SEGA and double revealed Battle of Three Kingdoms — a brand new blockchain TCG created using SEGA’s iconic arcade game IP, Sangokushi Taisen.

Additionally, Bandai Namco’s foray into AI-driven gaming saw the launch of RYUZO, a blend of creativity and innovation facilitated by Oasys in combination with OASYX – the first-ever NFT project minted on Oasys’ Hub-Layer.

Beyond game titles, the backbone of Oasys’s reputation is its validators with tech giants like Com2uS, double, MIXI, and Studio demonstrating their trust by becoming validators of our blockchain. With industry veterans like Sega, KDDI, Rakuten Wallet, Bandai Namco, Astar, and Com2us, endorsing and building on Oasys Chain, it’s evident that Oasys isn’t just another blockchain—it’s setting the gold standard in Web3 gaming.


Backed by established gaming giants and a roster of validators, we’re laying the groundwork, offering the necessary resources, scalability, and tools to ensure the creation of Web3 games is both secure and straightforward. Our mission is to collaborate with industry veterans to facilitate their entry into Web3, making blockchain games fun, engaging and profitable for users and developers alike.

Discover more and simplify your game development journey with Oasys, the all-inclusive platform dedicated to building, deploying and amplifying Web3 games for the mainstream audience.

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