Oasys Tokyo HACKJAM entry closing soon!

The entry for the Oasys’ first Hackathon, Oasys Tokyo HACKJAM will be closing in one week! Check out this article to learn about HACKJAM, and the requirements for entry to become a part of the Oasys ecosystem. You can submit non-game products and develop products on Oasys.

・Overview of Oasys Tokyo HACKJAM

The first Hackathon held by Oasys, with a total prize amount of USD 68,000. In addition to USD 50,000 for the Oasys main prize, Crypto Games, double jump.tokyo, DMM, MCH, Softbank, and Singularity will provide themes and prizes equivalent to USD 3,000 each. Demo Day will be held on 23 July (Sun) in Tokyo.


  • Entry close: 12 July (Wed) 23:59
  • Finalist announcement: 17 July (Mon)
  • Demo Day: 23 July (Sun)

・How to Enter

1️) OASYS HACKJAM’s official LP form for primary entry.
Official LP: https://oasys.framer.website/
Entry form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe1sGol2l0xJ2kQL3IbSO75gy2ezvOK-N-GzpoiPA_H54yLFA/viewform

2️) Entry for the Oasys Main Prize.

3️) Main entry on the page of the desired Prize.
*Pre-entry to the above primary entry and the Oasys Main Prize are required.
*If you are submitting a product for multiple Prizes, entry on each sponsor page is required.


・Q & A

Q. Is the hackathon going to be held offline or online?
A. Development (building) is online. Demo Day will happen offline at Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo in Azabu, Tokyo. Oasys will cover part of the travel expenses, so we request participants to attend in person. If it’s impossible, online participation is also acceptable.

Q. Can I apply with a product that is still under development?
A. Yes, it is possible. However, the product should be developed to run on Oasys.

Q. Can I apply with a non-game product?
A. Yes, you can apply with a product that contributes to the overall growth of the Oasys ecosystem, and projects are not limited to games only.

Q. What documents are required for entry?
A. Assuming the product will be deployed on the Oasys chain, you can submit only demo materials such as mock-ups and presentations (pitch decks). Deployment to the Oasys chain is optional. If you choose to deploy, please use the Sand-Verse (for products applying for the MCH Prize, please use MCH Testnet).

Q. How do I register?
A. Please ask all questions in the HACKATHON FAQ channel on the official Oasys Discord (link below).

・Relevant Links

– Official Discord http://discord.gg/oasysgames
– Offcial Telegram https://t.me/+f0JlnDajqmI2N2Fl