Oasys to list on SBI VC Trade

Oasys, the game-focused blockchain platform, is set to be listed on SBI VC Trade, the crypto solutions arm of Japan’s SBI Group. With the official listing date scheduled for May 31st, this is the second domestic exchange listing for Oasys following its successful listing on bitbank in April. This announcement follows the partnership between Oasys and SBI VC Trade, which showcased their collaborative efforts to introduce an innovative wallet solution for blockchain gaming.

This listing marks a significant milestone for Oasys’ journey in simplifying the blockchain gaming experience for users. It will enhance the availability of OAS tokens and pave the way for a more accessible and streamlined trading experience for gamers. Increasing Oasys’ presence on domestic cryptocurrency exchanges will facilitate access to OAS tokens for our domestic community. Our prerogative is to continue fostering a vibrant ecosystem for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

We are thrilled that this collaboration between Oasys and SBI VC Trade extends beyond the listing of the OAS token. To further enhance user experience across channels, both brands are currently working on integrating the Oasys network into the SBI Web3 Wallet. This integration will enable users to seamlessly exchange OAS tokens for Japanese yen using the wallet’s automatic conversion feature for fast and easy transactions. Such functionality will create a user experience akin to trading NFTs within blockchain games in Japanese yen, further enhancing the usability and convenience of the Oasys blockchain.

The listing is a strategic decision for SBI VC Trade, known for its comprehensive range of services in the cryptocurrency trading realm, as the brand continues to solidify its position as a prominent player in the market. In addition to supporting Oasys, the exchange is exploring various collaborations, including integrating the NFT marketplace SBINFT Market and liquidity provision through the internationally recognized market maker, B2C2. These endeavors underscore SBI VC Trade’s commitment to delivering customer-centric, innovative services that cater to the evolving needs of cryptocurrency traders.

For Oasys, the upcoming listing on SBI VC Trade represents a crucial step in expanding our user base and establishing the brand in the blockchain gaming space. Providing users with multiple options for trading OAS tokens will help us build a diverse ecosystem that attracts domestic and international investors. Oasys will actively pursue other listings on prominent exchanges within and outside Japan as the ecosystem grows to ensure broader accessibility for our developers and users.

Interested individuals can visit Oasys’ official website and follow our social media channels for news and announcements to stay updated on the latest developments. With the Oasys listing on SBI VC Trade just around the corner, excitement and anticipation continue to build within the blockchain gaming community in Japan and beyond.

About Oasys

Oasys is a blockchain-based game development platform that offers a highly scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 using Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. The ecosystem provides game developers with a secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure for creating more efficient, secure, and interoperable games.

More information on Oasys is available at:

Website: https://www.oasys.games
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oasys_games
Discord: http://discord.gg/oasysgames

About SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd.

SBI VC Trade provides a full lineup of services for cryptocurrency trading, leveraging the comprehensive strength of the SBI Group, Japan’s largest internet-based financial conglomerate, under the slogan “Cryptocurrencies with SBI.” As a registered cryptocurrency exchange and Type I financial instruments business operator, SBI VC Trade offers secure trading services and goes beyond cryptocurrency transactions by providing cryptocurrency asset management services and corporate services. Additionally, the release of the SBI Web3 Wallet, contributing to the expansion of the Web3/NFT field, demonstrates SBI VC Trade’s commitment to customer-centric, innovative services and businesses. Corporate website: https://www.sbivc.co.jp/