Oasys Strengthens Presence in Japan Through Integration with SBINFT Market

May 16, 2024 –– Gaming-centric blockchain platform Oasys has announced a significant enhancement in its integration with SBINFT Market, a leading NFT marketplace operated by SBINFT Corporation under Tokyo-based financial services giant SBI Group. The collaboration marks a substantial stride in strengthening Oasys’s footprint in the Japanese market.

The SBINFT Market now supports Oasys’ Hub-Layer (L1) and MCH Verse (L2), expanding beyond its initial integration with Oasys’ HOME Verse. The development means businesses and developers utilizing Oasys’ blockchain layers can now sell NFTs on a reliable marketplace managed by SBINFT Corporation. To ensure the highest standards, only NFTs from authorized artists and affiliated content providers are eligible for listing. Additionally, this expansion enhances access for Japanese users, potentially increasing engagement within this key market.

With support extended to the Hub-Layer and MCH Verse, exclusive content on the former such as OASYX, Oasys’ first NFT project, as well as MCH Verse titles like “My Crypto Heroes” and “Chain Colosseum Phoenix” will now be eligible for listing on SBINFT Market, provided they meet SBINFT Corporation’s stringent screening criteria. 

Launched in 2021, SBINFT – a platform for the issuance, sale, and secondary circulation of NFTs including digital art, music, photos, game items, and tickets – is the largest NFT marketplace in Japan.

“SBINFT Market’s support for Oasys’ Hub-Layer and MCH Verse significantly enhances our ecosystem, providing users and developers with broader opportunities for monetization and engagement within the blockchain gaming space,” said Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys. 

“We are excited to deepen our presence in Japan, bringing our unique gaming-focused blockchain solutions to one of the most innovative markets in the world.”

The SBINFT Market facilitates transactions via both cryptocurrencies and credit cards, simplifying the onboarding process and enhancing accessibility for all users. The marketplace is the first public and regulated blockchain-based NFT platform in Japan, setting a high standard for compliance and user safety.

About Oasys

Oasys is a game-optimized blockchain that offers a highly scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 using Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. The ecosystem provides game developers with a secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure for creating more efficient, secure, and interoperable games. Among Oasys’ validators are leaders in gaming and Web3, such as SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, who act as initial validators in our Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain. Oasys’ expert blockchain team, combined with the biggest names in gaming, is revolutionizing the gaming industry. Oasys solves the challenges that game developers face when building blockchain-based games by focusing on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers to distribute and develop games. The company’s trifecta approach includes a fast network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers, and a blockchain that provides the best user experience with fast transactions and zero gas fees. This approach prepares participants to enter the Oasys and play. 

For more information on Oasys: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About SBINFT Corporation: 

SBINFT Corporation specializes in Web3 businesses centered around NFTs. It operates SBINFT Market, the first public and regulated blockchain-based NFT marketplace in Japan, and the SBINFT Mits marketing platform, which enables digital marketing utilizing NFTs, even for users without prior Web3 knowledge. For more information on SBINFT: Website