Oasys Partners With Pacific Meta to Bring Blockchain Gaming to the Chinese-Speaking Community

Blockchain gaming ecosystem Oasys has announced a partnership with Pacific Meta to support gaming projects on Oasys by leveraging Pacific Meta’s extensive experience in bringing Web3 products to the Chinese-speaking community.

Pacific Meta has built a reputation for assisting major gaming companies seeking to enter the Chinese-speaking market. It will now offer similar support for projects utilising Oasys, covering such services as localisation for the Chinese-speaking community, social media management, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing, and community engagement.

With a rich background in Chinese language operations and a robust presence in the local market, Pacific Meta has a proven track record in blockchain game marketing. The company has successfully harnessed the power of KOLs and community-based marketing, a cornerstone of engaging with Chinese speakers. 

Oasys recently unveiled its Dragon Update, comprising three pillars: Interoperability, Ecosystem, and Killer Content. The partnership with Pacific Meta will support this goal, allowing the Chinese-speaking community to access Oasys games that have been designed with these aspects at their core. It will be particularly beneficial in implementing the third pillar, Killer Content, by supporting the creation of Chinese language materials tailored to blockchain gamers in South East Asia.

Pacific Meta’s localised marketing services will ensure that game projects on Oasys can be experienced by their target audience. The collaboration will enhance the expansion of Oasys’ gaming ecosystem, allowing Chinese speakers to experience the full potential of blockchain gaming.

About Oasys

Oasys is a blockchain video gaming platform that puts real power in gamers and developers’ hands. It’s on a journey to become the global standard for blockchain gaming and promote real value for gamers in the blockchain universe. Oasys combines the best of public and private blockchain technologies to deliver a seamless, speedy, and zero-gas-fee blockchain gaming experience.

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About Pacific Meta

Pacific Meta specializes in delivering extensive advisory and marketing services tailored for international Web3 projects in the Japanese and East Asian markets. Its expertise encompasses strategic development, localization, promotional activities, community engagement, and assistance with token listings. With a proven track record, the Pacific Meta team has successfully supported leading Web3 projects, including games and blockchain initiatives.

Learn more: https://pacific-meta.co.jp/