KDDI Joins Oasys Blockchain As a Validator

The Japanese telecommunications giant will explore future gaming and entertainment collaborations within the Oasys’ ecosystem.

SINGAPORE — 28 MARCH 2023 — Oasys, a gaming-optimized blockchain, today announces that one of Japan’s largest telecommunications operators, KDDI Corporation (“KDDI”), has officially joined its network of blockchain node validators.

Earlier this month, KDDI announced its full-scale entry into Web3 through the launch of its metaverse service offering, “αU” (Alpha U). KDDI will provide products and services for the metaverse, including streaming, virtual shopping, music and art appreciation, and social networking, as well as a digital asset wallet and marketplace to build a new Web3-based creator economy.

KDDI is the second major Japanese technology conglomerate to join in as many months, following SoftBank’s entry into the Oasys validator network on 16 February 2023. Both KDDI and SoftBank will join alongside 21 other initial validators, which comprise of many established brands from both traditional and blockchain gaming — SEGA, Bandai Namco Research, Ubisoft, Square Enix and Yield Guild Games — to secure and stabilize the Oasys network.

Shunpei Tatebayashi, General Manager, Business Incubation Development Department, KDDI Corporation, said: “The Oasys blockchain has a track record of successful partnerships with leading Japanese companies in the gaming and entertainment space, and we are committed to growing with them in redefining the boundaries of the Web3 space. We have launched “αU” (Alpha U), a metaverse Web3 service that enables anyone to unleash their creativity and become creators. As a validator on the blockchain infrastructure, we’re excited to bring our experience in communications infrastructure to support the Oasys blockchain. We look forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate in the gaming and entertainment area within the new web3 domain.”

Daiki Moriyama, Director, Oasys, said: “It has been incredibly exciting to watch KDDI drive growth in Japan’s digital ecosystem as it introduces its innovative, new Web3 business offering. Being a part of this growth story is a huge honor and we look forward to working together to build the essential infrastructure that will expand as well as enhance the stability and security of the Oasys network, while helping to push the boundaries of gaming and entertainment content for KDDI and its trusted partners.”

With a strong mandate from highly trusted and globally renowned institutions, Oasys seeks to advance its mission of bringing blockchain gaming to the world, by continually encouraging the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

About Oasys
Oasys was established in February 2022 to increase mainstream play-and-earn adoption, and at launch, committed to partnering with 21 gaming and Web3 tech companies to act as validators, such as Bandai Namco Research, SEGA, Ubisoft and Yield Guild Games. Led by a team of blockchain experts and joining forces with the biggest gaming company names to serve as the initial validators, Oasys is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain.

With a focus on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers to distribute and develop blockchain-based games, Oasys solves the problems game developers face when building games on the blockchain. The trifecta approach of the fastest network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers and the blockchain offering the best user experience with fast transactions and zero gas fees for users, readies participants to enter the Oasys and play.

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About KDDI Corporation
KDDI is a telecommunication service provider in Japan, offering 5G and IoT services to a multitude of individual and corporate customers within and outside Japan through its “au”, “UQ mobile” and “povo” brands. In the Mid-Term Management Strategy (FY23.3–FY25.3), KDDI is promoting the Satellite Growth Strategy to strengthen the 5G-driven evolution of its telecommunications business and the expansion of focus areas centered around telecommunications.By harnessing the characteristics of 5G in order to bring about an evolution of the power to connect, KDDI is working toward an era of the creation of new value.

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