Global Developer Com2uS Group Participates in Launch of Oasys Layer 2 ‘XPLA Verse’ With Two Major Global IP Titles

Web3 gaming ecosystem XPLA with participation from the Com2uS Group has officially launched its own layer 2 chain. XPLA Verse functions as an L2 on Oasys’ game-specific blockchain.

The gaming L2 goes live with several acclaimed Com2uS Group’s titles operating on it. These include “Summoners Wars: Chronicle,” an action RPG based on “Summoners War: Sky Arena” which has over 220 million downloads, and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars” with 250,000 monthly active users, based on the popular zombie comics.

The global reach of Com2uS Group and the success of its web2 video game releases will help to onboard players to XPLA Verse. Com2uS will leverage its existing IP and brand recognition to release immersive web3 games on XPLA Verse that leverage the unique characteristics of blockchain gaming.

Com2uS is well known in its native South Korea, where it pioneered mobile game development and gaming services. Since 2022, it has also been accelerating its web3 business in the Japanese market and participated in the Oasys ecosystem as an initial validator. Com2uS and XPLA aim to leverage Oasys’ deep knowledge of Japan’s regulatory framework to strengthen their market presence and onboard more East Asian users.

The launch of XPLA Verse marks the first step in integrating and expanding the company’s popular game titles within the Oasys ecosystem. Users playing the first games to launch on XPLA Verse, “Summoners Wars: Chronicle” and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars,” will enjoy fast transactions and no network fees.

Integrating these games into the Oasys ecosystem will reinforce Oasys’ status as the industry’s web3 gaming hub and attract web2 gamers and fans of popular IP. The launch of XPLA Verse aligns with Oasys’ ongoing strategy of partnering with major game companies to broaden the scope of blockchain gaming and accelerate mainstream adoption.

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About XPLA

XPLA is a Tendermint-based Layer 1 blockchain that functions as a hub for digital media content. Based on the concept of “Explore and Play,” XPLA covers a wide range of digital content, including Web3 games, blockchain game platforms, NFT marketplaces, and metaverses. As a powerhouse in universal content, XPLA offers sublime creative experiences with its extensive gaming infrastructure.