Game platform “Gesoten by GMO” integrates with GMO Media’s “GESO Verse” as it goes live

The game-focused blockchain Oasys has announced the launch of “GESO Verse,” which integrates with the member base of the game platform “Gesoten by GMO” (, boasting over 3.6 million members. “Gesoten by GMO” users can play blockchain games simply by linking their “Gesoten by GMO” ID with their “GESO Verse” account for an integrated gaming experience. Additionally, the Verse will release three titles, including the highly anticipated “GeGeGe no Kitaro – Youkai Yokocho.”

The browser-based game platform “Gesoten by GMO” is popular among users, especially in the point-earning market, as it leverages the benefit of earning points while playing games for marketing.

Gesoten by GMO:

A new game corner “Blockchain PARK” integrated with “GESO Verse” will be established on “Gesoten by GMO”. “Gesoten by GMO” users can play blockchain games inside the”Blockchain PARK” using their existing IDs. Since “Gesoten by GMO” has partnered with various point services and e-commerce services in Japan, and has plans to multi-integrate “Gesoten by GMO” and “GESO Verse” with various services in the future, this will be a multi-tier environment for “Play to Earn,” where players can earn points and cryptocurrencies as rewards.

Furthermore, “GESO Verse” has announced the upcoming three titles going live on the platform:

A campaign commemorating the launch of “GESO Verse” will start today. For more details, please visit the dedicated page below or check the official X (formerly Twitter) of “GESO Verse”.