First Oasys AMA (May 6th, 2022)

Oasys team is diligently developing towards the launching of our Mainnet. We have been genuinely surprised by the speed of community growth as well as the level of enthusiasm and excitement from the community at our Discord channel. Responding to such interests and excitement from our growing community to know more in-depth about Oasys, we hosted our first AMA event at Twitter Space on May 6th 8:00PM EST.

This Medium article is a post-mortem of the event and hopefully could act as a great reference to know about Oasys, especially for those who couldn’t join the live session.

The article covers:

・Recorded script of the event in written format
・Remaining questions, which the team has selected to answer but couldn’t cover during the AMA.

Date & Time: May 6th, 2022, 08:00PM EST
Medium: Twitter Space
・D, Business Development (Twitter)
・Yas, Head of Business Development (Twitter)
・Kokushi, Head of Marketing (Twitter)
Total Number of Attendees: 180

1. AMA Script on May 6th

D: Hello everyone and thanks for joining us today for the first AMA event of Oasys. My name is D, in charge of Business Development at Oasys team and I will be moderating the event today. I’m here with Yas, Head of Business Development and Kokushi, Head of Marketing from Oasys team joining me today.

First, could you both give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Yas: Hi my name is Yas and I’m Head of Business Development at Oasys. Prior to joining Oasys, I used to work at a VC.

Kokushi: Hi I’m Kokushi, Head of Growth at Oasys. I have 5 years of experience in the crypto & blockchain gaming industry. My previous experience includes My Crypto Heroes, which had the highest NFT trading volume on OpenSea during 2018 and 2020.

D: Thank you very much. Then without further ado, let’s kick off the AMA session!

I would like to remind those who have already participated in our Gleam event that there was an item for extra scores under SPECIAL CODE. I will say the special code during the event so please stay connected!

I will first start with some basic questions in order for the audience to build a general level of understanding of what Oasys is all about. Then, I will pick questions we have collected from the community.

So, Yas, could you briefly walk us through the vision of Oasys?

Yas: First, I want to share that we are building a platform to build the Metaverse that is optimized for gaming. Notable features include great user experience, exemplified by super high speed transaction and gas fees, as well as great developer experience equipped with EVM comparability and our token design. We are aiming to become the HUB of the multiverse era by providing solutions specific to gaming.

D: Thank you. That actually sounds very much exciting. If you think about it, our daily lives on various social media platforms actually tell us that what we have been doing for more than 10 years now, has been the Metaverse. I guess the Metaverse has been with us as “another world in the digital world” but evolving into more diverse forms with more sophisticated technologies.

Then I guess it naturally connects to my next question about the strengths of Oasys. Could you touch upon that?

Yas: Right. I think I should start with introducing what double and Crypto Games Inc are. Both companies are quite well known in Japan but maybe not so much among the global audience who’s attending this AMA event today. Both companies have been developing blockchain games since 2018 and they are the leading members who are developing Oasys blockchain. Oasys boasts best-in-class user experience, exemplified by zero gas fees, high speed transactions, and multi-layer design, as well as developer experience, backed by developer tools and tokenomics design that are friendly to blockchain game developers.

Lastly but not least, our list of partners gives a clearer image of how Oasys ecosystem would look like, once it rolls out. Those partners are also our initial validators who will also be defending the ecosystem.

D: Thank you. I see interesting names such as Bandai Namco Research, Sega Corp., Netmarble, WEMADE, Com2us, YGG, Ubisoft, etc. I have to say that it’s really exciting just to imagine what Oasys could look like in the near future.

Then, coming back to a more fundamental aspect, what is it that Oasys is trying to solve?

Yas: That’s a very important question we need to share with the community. Our assumption is that the trend is that the gaming chain that is optimized for current crypto users will become the gaming chain that is optimized for the mass public. We believe each chain will be serving more specific purposes and form the true multi-chain ecosystem in the future. What Oasys is trying to tackle is the current status where most blockchains are not designed to serve blockchain games that have special needs. This is closely interconnected with our ultimate goal of mass adoption of blockchain through gaming. Our own conclusion is that current Web3 products have higher level of security, thanks to decentralization but have bad UX for mass adoption; on the other hand, Web2 products are highly centralized but they are equipped with good UX which is good for mass adoption. This is a Web3 dilemma and if we could find the best solution, we strongly believe that the mass adoption of blockchain will come at a very fast pace. Oasys aims to build the most suited platform for blockchain games in the future by achieving the best balance by providing the lowest gas fees, hyper fast transaction speed, and optimal level of decentralization.

D: I also strongly agree with how you described the multi-chain ecosystem with various blockchains with clear distinction of their own identity from other chains.

Then, if you could share with us on how Oasys Architecture is designed, it would be very helpful for the crowds to understand.

Yas: Ok. So by design, the most important thing to remember is that there are two layers on Oasys: Hub-Layer and Verse-Layer. Hub-Layer acts as a base layer where all the data is stored in a secure and stable manner. Verse-Layer is Layer 2 in Oasys, where Blockchain Gamesand defi apps will be onboarded on this layer. For now, our Layer 2 uses Optimistic-rollup technology but we plan to adopt newer technologies as they emerge. Another important design is our tokens. On Oasys, there are two variations of FT(Fungible Token) and NFT(Non-Fungible Token), making 4 different types of tokens. oFT and oNFT are interoperable FTs and NFTs. They can move around different verses on Oasys and can be transferred out of Oasys. vFT and vNFT are FTs and NFTs that can’t be transferred out of each Verse where they were created. On top of that FT and NFT that are created on other chains can also be transferred to Oasys chain and be used if supported.

Kokushi: I can add more on top of what Yas mentioned by giving you some specific benefits from this unique design. IP holders issue vNFTs in a limited space on blockchain, clearing hurdles related to IP regulation and their internal policies of IP usage; ingame currencies can be vFT, which cannot be swapped back to fiat but used only within the verse. Developers can diversify NFT strategies. For example, in-game character NFTs as vNFT and land or items as oNFT.

D: Thank you very much. We will now move on to answering questions we collected from the community. There were SO MANY questions from the community and I picked 20 valuable questions. In the meantime, we decided to answer only 10 questions today and we will provide answers to the remaining 10 questions we picked later on.

Congratulations in advance for those who got selected! We will announce winners after the event so stay tuned.

Question #1 (中年症候群#9232):

“The gas fees are free! How do you maintain rewards and the overall algorithm?”

Yas: Basically, “Verse Builders” will pay for gas fees.

Hub-Layer, our Layer 1 functions as those verse-builders pay for the gas fees for all their users. Every verse builder is developing their own business on each verse and in order to do so, they need to develop their ecosystem at each verse level. They can issue their own tokens or NFTs and cover their share of gas fees as an “expense”.

Question #2 (Hakunightmare李#7451):

“Could you tell us a little more about team members? And how did team members step up to the crypto industry?”

Kokushi: At the very beginning, core members were flowing from double double was founded by a group of experts in the gaming industry, after seeing so many games end their services and questioning “how can games be different”. That’s how they started building a blockchain game and created My Crypto Heroes.

Based on the experience, the team felt the need to create an independent blockchain that specializes in gaming. With such initiative, Oasys project has started with the leadership of Hironobu Ueno, one of our founders.

Currently, CryptoGames Inc. and My Crypto Heroes teams also joined to build Oasys blockchain. CryptoGames Inc. is another Japanese company which has built and managed another blockchain game, Crypto Spells since 2019.

Question #3 (Harusame#2773):

“Solana recently stopped because it couldn’t handle a large number of transactions. Is there any possibility of the same thing happening at OASYS?”

Kokushi: We have observed many chains experiencing congestion or unnecessary gas wars due to NFT sales and transactions generated by blockchain games.

In order to avoid such problems on Oasys, we chose a design to divide L1 and L2, to keep the minimum number of transactions on L1 and L2 as a dApp layer that is in charge of actual contents.

Question #4 (bearko#3516):

“How can I bridge ERC-20 tokens (ex. MCHC, MATIC) to Oasys-based verse like MCH-verse. I found about the NFT bridge on white paper but no FT bridge.”

Yas: We plan to integrate various external partners with outstanding track records.

At the moment, we believe many bridge solutions are exposed to great security risks, and even one bug can lead to a loss of over 100 million worth of users’ assets. We concluded not to rely on one single bridge and will select multiple bridges with track records to diversify such risks.

Question #5 (Sy#3757):

“I’d like to ask how Oasys can bring much needed change in online games as to ACTUALLY having ingame items as NFTS and how large companies like BANDAI NAMCO INC. can take advantage of the blockchain system Oasys has to offer?”

Kokushi: Companies that hold IPs such as Bandai Namco have various rules to protect brand value of those IPs. For example, let’s say Bandai Namco issued an NFT series of Gundam collectables on Ethereum. Theoretically, anyone can create a blockchain game in which Gundam destroys the world.

Therefore, there exists a particular difficulty for IP holding companies to use blockchain technology and in order to cope with such needs, we have designed a system such as vNFT where IPs are limited in utilization in accordance with the intention of the original IP holders.

This particular aspect is something double team has realized and it’s not just limited to Japanese companies but global. We believe this could greatly differentiate Oasys from other chains.

Question #6 (Krious#5125):

“Any plans of partnering with well-known game studios (like Sega/Nintendo/Sony as an example) or other game development companies that may want to branch out to Blockchain Games?”

Yas: Yes, we are in talks with one of the largest gaming companies in Asia, who is currently developing a blockchain game, and they are considering to onboard their game on Oasys blockchain.

Question #7 (hito#3176):

“How do you envision working with Astar?”

D: This person actually asked many other questions but let us answer only on the partnership with Astar Network. Yas, would you like to answer?

Yas: Yes. Let me briefly go over how we think about the partnership with Astar.

As you could have seen from our announcement, Astar and Oasys have formed an ecosystem partnership. We intend to request Astar Network to take the lead in “DeFi-Verse’’ at the initial stage and expect smooth circulation of tokenomics in the entire Oasys ecosystem.

Question #8 (Explorer#8940):

“Given that the environment is in place, I feel that content is important. My Crypto Heroes, which limits the number of NFTs issued, and Axie, which can issue an infinite number of NFTs using SLP and AXS, both titles seem to be struggling. What kind of content will be accepted by the masses in the future using the Oasys environment?”

Kokushi: Sure, on this question, I want to share my personal view on necessary items for mass adoption of blockchain games. At core, I believe IP and social meaning are the most important aspects to take into consideration for mass adoption. As we all know, economics is the engine of blockchain games, meaning games should continuously bring in more and more people to keep the economics running. Existing blockchain games are still very small in size compared to the conventional gaming industry. This tells us that every blockchain game should not compete to win bigger market share, but to take the entire market growth into consideration. In the meantime, when it comes to potential users who are not crypto-native, blockchain games are likely to be viewed as “suspicious (or even scammy)” or “focused too much on ‘earn’ aspect” rather than fun. However, those potential non-crypto-native user base is the strongest growth engine we must bring in to grow the blockchain gaming industry further. Given that, I believe IP will play a crucial role in spreading awareness with already familiar brand powers as well as, as a proof of safety. In addition, creating social meaning for such games will make blockchain games more comfortable for new users by eliminating various negative images that current blockchain games have.

Question #9 (KATO @ HODLer-Kai#5162):

“It seems that validators on Oasys chain are completely permitted. Is there any plan for Oasys validators to be permissionless? If No, what made you think so?”

Yas: As you pointed out, it is our plan to start as a consortium-like validator operations; however, we are planning a gradual transition to allow any validator, who meets the minimum requirements, within this year.

Question #10 (kangds8536#0273):

“I’ve never seen such an active participation in NFT in Japan since XANA, and I wonder if NFT’s status in Japan is increasing, and do you know how people react?”

Yas: Adoption of NFTs is gradually increasing in Japan but needs more time for mass adoption just like any other countries. We are also observing growing interests towards NFTs, blockchain games, etc. as we see various contents on mass media like TV shows. We also see NFT projects that specifically target Japanese consumers.

D: We covered 10 questions today and I would like to end today’s AMA session today. Remember we will be announcing the winners of our Gleam event on our Discord channel so please join our Discord and stay tuned for the announcement!

This is the end of today’s event and see you all at our Discord! Thank you so much everyone for joining and thank you Yas and Kokushi!

2. Remaining Selected Questions and the Answers

Qustion #11 (gorory#7664):

“Can you tell us more about the development structure of your project?

Not about managers or directors, but about the number of developers and the division of roles.”

👉Development of Oasys bockchain is primarily led by double and CryptoGames, with over 20 people involved in its development at the moment.

Question #12 (Tony Yu#6886):

“How does Oasys provide the zero-gas-fee environment for players? It seems not mentioned in the white paper.”

👉Basically, “Verse Builders” will pay for gas fees. Hub-Layer, our Layer 1 functions as those verse-builders pay for the gas fees for all their users. Every verse builder is developing their own business on each verse and in order to do so, they need to develop their ecosystem at each verse level. They can issue their own tokens or NFTs and cover their share of gas fees as an “expense”.

Question #13 (yotta#4469):

There are many games on various chains including Polygon, BSC, and Solana. What are the unique advantages of oasys compared to these other block chains in gaming experience?

👉We would like to raise 3 core strengths: 1) super high speed transactions less than 1 sec and be able to handle large transaction volume; 2) verse builders will play a role of scam screener; 3) potential optionality of FT and NFT designs (oFT/NFT and vFT/NFT).

Question #14 (vsyche1019#5997):

In what ways do you think oasys excel in other L2 chains using optimism?

👉The biggest differentiator from Optimistic-rollup of Oasys chain is that it doesn’t require a challenge period, unlike Ethereum’s Optimistic-rollup. This specific characteristic has both pros and cons. The reason behind this design choice is for each Verse-layer to achieve finality as quickly as possible, which we believe is one of the most critical capacities that gaming blockchain should have. Verse-layers of Oasys, the Layer 2, are where most of the gaming transactions will be executed as Verse Builders develop their own gaming businesses on each Verse-Layer. While this particular design gives up a certain level of prevention for false validation or discrepancies, Verse Builders can assign an appointed-verifier to minimize such. Also, as mentioned above, Verse Builders are developing their future business on each Verse, their interests to protect and grow their future business on each Verse-Layer, they are motivated to make the best efforts to duly validate the transactions with appointed-verifiers.

Question #15 (riksoo#7044):

“Are there any holder benefits for early users?”

👉We are still working on finalizing the details of early holder benefits, which might include staking rewards, NFT minting passes, etc. Stay tuned for details and stay active in our community!

Question #16 (kusa216#1240):

“I understand that Verse allows anyone to become a Verse by depositing a certain amount of money, thereby preventing fraud, but are there any other specific criteria?

I think there is a possibility of fraud if people with financial resources come up with a scam or evil scheme that makes more money than the deposit.”

👉You are correct as Oasys Foundation does not necessarily “permit” to become a verse builder. We designed Oasys to allow builders to build a verse in a permissionless manner. Your assumption makes one say a scam “can exist” on Oasys by theory.

We believe even if one could benefit by deploying a so-called “scam protocol”, we believe the possibility is extremely low as it first sets a hurdle to spend a certain amount of financial resources to do so. In the meantime, the team is also working on preventive measures for such a scenario as we will also build close relationships with every Verse Builder, allowing us to observe what is going on at each Verse. Gradually, the community will also play a contributor role for such prevention through active discussion within the community. Our ecosystem by design sits in the middleground of what is “permitted” and what is “permissionless” as a hybrid blockchain, which we believe is the best balance for the blockchain game ecosystem.

Question #17 (kimichan19#1152):

“What kind of Verse will be developed and how will game developer choose the verse when developing the game?”

👉We envision that there could be many different verses that can be built on Oasys, for example a Verse specific to games by category, a Verse focused on NFT projects, a Verse focused on DeFi, etc. Depending on specific needs or characteristics of their games or projects, developers can choose any and deploy their their own projects. Also, by placing the Verse deposit, any team can even design the best Verse to deploy their own games.

Question #18 (cho yong hyeon):

“Is there a strategy for metamask to utilize the characteristics of the Japanese gaming market?”

👉We are currently discussing with MetaMask team and we will disclose further details when the time comes! Please stay tuned for our further development.

Question #19 (honeyboy#1659):

“Oasis is generally spelled ‘as oasis’, but why did you name it ‘OASYS’?”

👉Because it’s inspired by the movie, “Ready Player One”. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you must!

Question #20

“I am very interested in understanding and designing your blockchain for games. As emphasized in Oasys lightpaper, speed is important for game chains, but how much processing speed do you think oasys will have? And Is there a public sale schedule?”

👉Anticipated TPS per one Verse-layer is 1000. So the aggregated TPS for the entire Oasys chain will be 1000 x ‘# of Verse-layers’. Note that the figure does not include consensus vote transactions like other blockchains.

Regarding public sale schedule, we will update when we finalize the schedule, so please stay tuned!

Oasys team highly appreciates the community for participating in the AMA. We are planning more community events going forward as well as more AMA sessions with various figures within the Oasys ecosystem. We are proud to have such an enthusiastic community like ours and please stay tuned for exciting announcements we will be making, as we build and grow the Oasys ecosystem.

About Oasys

Led by a team of blockchain experts and joining forces with the biggest gaming company names to serve as the initial validators, Oasys is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based eco-friendly blockchain. With a focus on creating an eco-system for gamers and developers to distribute and develop blockchain-based games, Oasys solves the problems game developers faced when building games on the blockchain. The trifecta approach of the fastest network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers and the blockchain offering the best user experience with fast transactions and free gas fees for users, readies participants to enter the Oasys and play.

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