Benefits of Using Oasys for Game Development

Blockchain gaming is transforming the multi-billion dollar traditional game industry, luring non-crypto enthusiasts to the world of Web3. The advent of decentralised games is rapidly gaining ground, propelled by the extraordinary capabilities of making digital ownership of in-game assets possible through blockchain. With robust in-game economies and new ways to engage with and experience the digital realm, blockchain gaming is gaining the attention of players. In August 2022 alone, 847,000 daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacted with blockchain games. 

The future of gaming is here with endless possibilities and new opportunities, and it’s exciting! The rise of game-focused blockchains has allowed seamless interaction between public blockchains and immersive games, bridging traditional Web2 and Web3 gaming. Whether you’re a budding developer or an avid gamer, understanding these gaming chains is crucial to unlock the potential of Web3 gaming.

For developers ready to deep-dive into this realm, Oasys provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services for creating and deploying games with a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.

How Oasys’ Architecture Supports Game Development

Incorporating Web3 into game development is becoming a pivotal move, and Oasys stands out as a prime blockchain for this integration. The design and features of Oasys prioritise efficiency and functionality, ensuring a streamlined environment for developers and players. 

For developers, there’s the assurance of security, scalability and flexibility via a proprietary Verse. Oasys’ L1 Hub-Layer incorporates specialised Verse Layers using layer 2 technology with a  focus on game logic to streamline development. Developers can utilise these Verse Layers to interact with Oasys’ Hub-Layer, deploy their games, or even act as verse builders to launch third-party titles.

The transaction data from the Verse-Layer is rolled up and sent to the Hub-Layer. Oasys validators, composed of game developers, enhance data availability to secure Verse transactions. Since verse operators cover gas fees – users pay zero gas when interacting with the Verse-Layer. For those that require faster confirmation – Verses that integrate an Instant Verifier can achieve immediate approvals on the Hub-Layer for instant transactions.

As an EVM-compatible Chain, Oasys allows developers to scale efficiently by leveraging the Ethereum network’s expansive effects for: 

  • Easy deployment from Ethereum-based chains, enabling quicker development cycles.
  • Compatibility with Ethereum’s large suite of developer tools, allowing for a seamless development experience.
  • Opportunity for developers to scale efficiently by leveraging the Ethereum network’s expansive effects.
  • Instant backward bridging capabilities.
  • A robust ecosystem designed to support the needs of Web3 game developers and the gaming community.

A Playground for Web3 Gamers

Players, on the other hand, benefit from a seamless experience characterised by gas-free transactions and swift processing times. Products like Oasys Passport provide user-friendly login for quick and easy access to Oasys services. The entire Oasys ecosystem is designed to simplify Web3 onboarding for gamers and developers! 

Oasys goes beyond the standard all-purpose L1 chain to enable more trustless gameplay mechanics on an additional layer that underpins the entire ecosystem.  Put simply, Oasys is a blockchain designed for games where every element is built from a gaming-centric perspective to massively reduce the time and effort to bring BCG games to a mainstream audience. ‍

This reflects the core ethos of the Oasys brand – solving the challenges developers encounter when trying to build scalable games and immersive gaming experiences. Our foundation is deeply rooted in addressing these real-world issues, delivering the robustness the developer community requires for long-term growth and sustainability. 

Positioned for Growth

Asia is a powerhouse in the Web2 and blockchain gaming landscapes, with Japan holding the third spot in the global Web2 game market along with giants like South Korea and China. Leveraging Japan’s favourable regulatory framework, Oasys sets the stage for even greater blockchain gaming growth. Deeply rooted in Japan’s rich gaming traditions that go as far back as the 1980s, Oasys has become a part of its vibrant gaming culture. We don’t just understand the Japanese market; we’re part of its DNA. And we’re not stopping there. Our alliances in Korea are opening doors and building bridges for game developers and players alike. 

The team behind Oasys has first-hand experience with Web2 gaming. Oasys boasts strong alliances not just with major players in the Web2 and Web3 gaming industry like SEGA, Bandai Namco, Com2uS and double, but also with Japanese and Korean companies who specialise in the complexities of blockchain games. These collaborations ensure that developers have access to both breadth and depth of expertise, multiple third-party integrations and value-added services and tools.

With the popularity of Web3 games surging, particularly in Japan, Oasys’s strong presence in the Asian market positions it as the best multi-layered ecosystem for developers who want to build mainstream-ready Web3 games.

Developers keen on leveraging the best of Web3 for their games would do well to understand the capabilities and strengths Oasys brings to the table. Our ecosystem seamlessly blends blockchain technology with traditional Web2 game development mechanics, paving the path for the future of gaming. 

If you are a game developer and looking for a Verse to onboard your game, check out the Verse builders contact list to find the Verse that best fits your game. If you are interested in building your own Verse or are unsure which Verse to choose, please use the contact form on our website or open a ticket in Discord to get in touch with the Oasys team.

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