Become an Oasys Jedi Ambassador and Accelerate the Future of Web3

The emergence of Web3, driven by cryptocurrencies and innovative blockchain technology, is revolutionising the internet and how we interact with it. Web3 embraces the concept of decentralisation, challenging the control of centralised intermediaries like Google and Facebook. Blockchain enables decentralised networks to operate without a central authority, ensuring transparency and user control over data. This shift towards a more secure and private online environment aligns with Oasys’ mission to make Web3 game development easier while empowering millions of gamers.


Oasys: Pioneering a Responsible Web3 Revolution 

Oasys is at the forefront of the rapidly developing Web3 gaming market in Asia and an active player in creating a new decentralised playground for blockchain games. With the ability to offer near-instant confirmation and zero gas fees for gamers, it offers the perfect platform to catalyse a responsible data economy. We envision a future where users transform into empowered individuals, taking control of their in-game data and gaming experiences, all while preserving their privacy and autonomy. It’s a vision of the internet where innovation thrives and users are rewarded for the time and effort they put into their games and apps. Oasys Chain is the ideal conduit for this transformation.

But achieving this vision isn’t a one-person job. It calls for a collective effort from evangelists, influencers, technologists, and dreamers who share our aspiration for a better internet. We welcome you in joining us on this journey.

What Can You Do as an Oasys Jedi Ambassador?

Are you an enthusiast of the gaming world and the revolutionary Web3? Do you have a knack for community engagement and a presence that resonates on social media? If yes, you’re the one we’re looking for!

Oasys invites passionate individuals to join our Oasys Jedi Ambassador Program, a platform where fervor for a responsible data economy and the gaming universe merge. Here’s how you can be a part of this thrilling journey:

Sign up for the Oasys Jedi Ambassador Program. It’s your chance to earn exciting rewards while taking our brand to a global level!

The first wave of ambassadors will target:
English-speaking countries, Japan, South Korea, China, Russia and Turkey*

*We welcome participants from other regions as well and each application will be assessed on an individual basis to determine if there is an opportunity for collaboration.

Why Become an Oasys Jedi Ambassador?

  • Advocate for the Future of Blockchain Gaming: Be at the forefront with Oasys Games in our quest for a new gaming experience that bridges Web2 and Web3 where developers and gamers come first.
  • Rewarding Journey: Get grants as an acknowledgement for your valuable contributions and task completions.
  • Integral Community Member: Merge into our vibrant world of gaming aficionados and be a key player in Oasys’ initiatives.
  • Interactive Networking: Dive into meaningful discussions about blockchain’s evolution, provide genuine feedback, and shape the future of Oasys.
  • Practical Exposure & Recognition: Step into the real world of blockchain gaming, enhance your skills portfolio and enjoy the spotlight in our global community.

Who’s the Perfect Fit?

We welcome Ambassadors from various walks of life, unified by:

  • A role as Gamers, Developers, Leaders, Influencers, or Experts.
  • A deep-rooted belief in enhancing gaming experiences and making Web3 games more inclusive.
  • Advocacy for transparency and the critical role of data in gameplay.
  • An inclusive mindset – whether you’re tech-savvy or not, introverted or extroverted, if you’re passionate about Web3, BCG and gaming, you’re in!

Ambassadorial Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Ambassadors wear many hats, and here’s how you can make a difference:
  • Elevate Oasys’ presence through meetups and AMAs, designed for all types of audiences.
  • Be the voice of Oasys by creating engaging content, with a special shoutout to multilingual skills.
  • Create engaging and informative content for developers and players to educate, thrill and introduce existing and new users to Oasys’ infrastructure, goals, journey and mission. 
  • Be our voice for events and announcements, making sure we’re heard far and wide.
  • Contribute through hands-on testing of applications and providing insightful feedback.
  • Foster our online presence in various languages and across multiple channels.

Bounty Bonanza:

Oasys Jedi Ambassadors are rewarded through:

  • Consistent Community Efforts: Regularly host AMAs, meetups, or welcome new bees to the Oasys hive. Your steady engagement will be duly rewarded.
  • Task-Based Contributions: Take up specific tasks like translation, content creation, or website assistance for one-time rewards.

Extra Perks: Every quarter, we’ll put the spotlight on the top three Ambassadors globally, laden with additional rewards.

Bounty Tasks Rewards:

Ready to join us? If you’re passionate about our ecosystem, actively involved in gaming and Web3, own active social media handles with a decent following, can dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week, and have a flair for content creation, we’re excited to welcome you on board. Let’s make Oasys resonate globally, one game at a time!

Join the Web3 Revolution

We firmly believe that the internet can potentially drive a more responsible and empowered data economy. However, we can’t embark on this transformative journey alone. Your participation can help us build a brighter and more responsible web. 

Join us now and become an Oasys Jedi Ambassador. Let’s shape the future of Web3 gaming together!