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What is Oasys Architecture?

Oasys Architecture is built for game developers, offering a high-speed, zero gas fee experience to users by combining the best of public L1 and private L2 blockchain technology solutions.

Founding Team


Gabby Dizon

Gabriel Dizon is a startup entrepreneur and a 15-year veteran of the game industry in Southeast Asia.Gabby is the Co-founder of Yield Guild Games, a play-to-earn gaming guild. YGG invests in yield-producing NFTs in games and virtual worlds organizes its player community from around the world to earn an income from playing these games. He has been making games since 2003 and have shipped 20+ games on mobile and PC platforms. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Altitude Games, a mobile and crypto game developer, and Chairman of Alto.io, a platform that connects games to the blockchain. These days, he is most excited about the various applications of blockchain for the game industry. He is a founding member and former president of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) and former coordinator of the IGDA Manila chapter.


Hajime Nakatani

Hajime Nakatani is the President and CEO of Bandai Namco Research Inc., a research and development company of Bandai Namco Group. He started his career as a Game Planner, Director and Producer at Namco Limited. And then after working as a Director and Studio Supervisor of BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc., he established BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. and became President and CEO. During that time, he actively promoted globalization by collaborating with Silicon Valley startups and starting up game and video production companies in Singapore, Vancouver, and Malaysia studios. In 2019, he established Bandai Namco Research Inc. with the mission of creating new entertainment by fusing entertainment knowledge and the latest technology.


Hironao Kunimitsu

Hironao Kunimitsu is the co-founder and CEO of Thirdverse, Inc. and FiNANCiE Co. Ltd. Kunimitsu is recognized as one of Japan’s top gaming entrepreneurs and he is the founder and former CEO of gumi Inc., a Tokyo-based mobile game company which released games like Brave Frontier. As CEO, he brought the company’s IPO in 2014. In 2021, he was appointed as the CEO of Thirdverse and also founded the Virtual Reality Fund, Gumi Cryptos Capital and several VR incubators in Tokyo, Seoul and Helsinki.


Hironobu Ueno

Hironobu Ueno is founder of double jump.tokyo. Participated in the financial infrastructure at a major SIer and launching a game platform at a game company, he founded double jump.tokyo Inc. in April 2018. His blockchain game "MyCryptHeroes" became the world's No. 1 blockchain game in terms of trading volume and DAU on Ethereum, and he used his operational know-how to support multiple blockchain games such as "BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES" and "MyCryptSaga". The company is also developing NFT Plus, an NFT business support service, and N Suite, an NFT management service for businesses.


Shuji Utsumi

SHUJI UTSUMI is Co-Chief Operation Officer at SEGA CORPORATION and Chief Executive Officer at SEGA of America, Inc. At Sony, he helped establish the PlayStation business in Japan and the United States. He has been involved in the production and management of global contents at SEGA and Disney, and served as President and Representative Director of Q Entertainment, Warner Music Japan, and CYBIRD before being appointed Senior Executive Officer of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. and joined back with SEGA as CSO. In April 2021, he was appointed Co-COO of SEGA CORPORATION. His representative works include Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts, and Lumines. He has a broad background in content and management from a global perspective.

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