Oasys Introduces Support for Slash Web3 Payment to Expand OAS Payment Methods

The game-specific blockchain Oasys announced that its native token OAS is officially supported by the cryptocurrency payment gateway “Slash Web3 Payment” developed by Slash Fintech Limited. This new collaboration will further diversify and speed up payments for developers and players within the Oasys ecosystem.

Slash Web3 Payment allows users to use their owned cryptocurrency assets to make payments in various cryptocurrencies. Leveraging smart contract automation and decentralised exchanges (DEX) liquidity to the fullest enables fast payments for users at the best rates.

This collaboration will allow OAS token holders to access payments with over 1,400 cryptocurrencies, including OAS, at stores that support Slash Web3 Payment. Thus further promoting the integration of multiple payment methods within Oasys to improve convenience and conversions for an always transaction-ready ecosystem. 

By integrating with Slash Fintech Limited, Oasys marks an important milestone in shaping the future of payments in the gaming industry in line with the companies’ technology and ethos. As part of its new vision for 2024, “Oasys Dragon Update,” Oasys will continue to work on innovative technologies and projects to improve user payment convenience and usability.

About Slash Fintech Limited 

Slash Fintech Limited began offering the cryptocurrency payment “Slash Payment” in August 2022. Merchants can log in with a cryptocurrency wallet, select from four types of stablecoins for sales receipt settings, and issue contracts, enabling the use of QR codes/APIs.

In January 2023, Slash Fintech Limited held the “Astar × Slash Bounty Bootcamp Hackathon” in collaboration with Astar Network, Japan Microsoft, Hakuhodo Kettle, and AKINDO. They plan to continue aggressive domestic and international business expansion, including as a gold sponsor at “WebX” held on July 25 and 26, 2023.

Company Name: Slash Fintech Limited (British Virgin Island) 

Address: 4th Floor, Water’s Edge Building, Meridian Plaza, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands VG1110. 

CEO: Shinsuke Sato Established: November 23, 2021 

Slash Payment: https://slash.fi/ 

Slash Vision Labs: https://slash.vision/

 Slash Vision Portal: https://portal.slash.vision/ 

White paper: https://slash-fi.gitbook.io/docs/whitepaper/slash-project-white-paper 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SlashWeb3

About Oasys 

Oasys is a blockchain specialising in games, with the concept of “Blockchain for Games”. Its initial validators (chain operators) comprise more than 20 major gaming companies and Web3 enterprises, including Bandai Namco Research Labs. Adopting the environmentally friendly PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, Oasys provides an integrated gaming environment with no-fee and faster transaction processing through its unique dual-layer architecture. 

Website: https://www.oasys.games/ 

X(EN): https://twitter.com/oasys_games 

X(JP): https://twitter.com/oasys_japan 

Discord: http://discord.gg/oasysgames 

Telegram: https://t.me/oasysen